In 90 Mins LIVE MASTERCLASS You will Experience

The Power of Gratitude

& Learn the

Art of Manifestation

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MASTERCLASS Starts in next

Hi, I Am Shobha Devraj

Your Expert Gratitude Coach

In This Exclusive FREE Workshop, I am Revealing all my Secrets of Quick Manifestation.

Master the Law Of Attraction Through Gratitude Practice

I can't wait to share my secrets with you

  • Address Negative Pattern

  • Set Your Goals for Health Money Relationship & Career.

  • Learn the Power of Scripting

  • Learn the Basics of the Universal Concept

  • Design Your Own Abundant Lifestyle. and we are covering Many more...

What My Students Want to Say.....

In this 90-minute LIVE session you'll learn the following...


How to Address Your Problem

Learn how to remove Negativity and attract Positive Things in life


How to Set Your Big Goals

Learn how to set Goals for Health Wealth and Relationship


How to Take Action to Manifest

Learn how to Practice Gratitude , and learn to use Law of Attraction to achieve your dreams

To Master Your Manifestation Skills, Gratitude is the Secret!




BLOCK 90 MINUTES - This will be an in-depth LIVE session. Sit in a quiet place to learn.

TAKE NOTES - Please have your notepad pen and paper handy before you come in.

GET CLARITY - Ask questions at the end of the session to get all points clarified.

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